Monday, February 15, 2010

You Can Make A Difference

What's wrong with this picture? We are frequently, painfully reminded of those less fortunate. So often we don't know how to really help the needy when they ask us, and giving them a buck or two seems fleeting. Now there's something more you can do.

Partners In Grace is a growing coalition for the needy that includes several city and church organizations.

Print out these handy "Street Sheets" and carry them with you. Consider them your road-map to the city, and every time you come across someone who needs a hand, and you don't just want to give them cash, share with them these informative pamphlets that are designed to help them, help themselves. Additionally, take the time to learn their name, get to know them a bit. This will help you understand which "Street Sheet" version will best suit their needs.

To print, select double-sided and fold in a four-fold. Depending on your printer settings, they may print in a micro form, which can fit in a pocket nicely, but remember most of these poor souls cannot afford glasses and may not be able to read such fine print.

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