Friday, September 12, 2008

An Update From The Kitchen

Louise is in charge of our local soup kitchen, and I am her representative for Partners In Grace. When I asked her if there was anything she wanted me to share at our upcoming Partners In Grace meeting, I found her response so eloquent that I got her permission to post it here. There is a deep message in her words, and I urge you to take action and get involved. Here's her response:


I would suggest that you take copies of our new brochure. Some are in a blue folder in my mailbox in the church office. Take what you think you need. This is Hunger Awareness Month and we are ending with a Kitchen Shower on Sunday, Sept. 28 and a light lunch for congregants on that day. Letters are being prepared for parishioners to sign and we will send to politicians in regard to needed legislation now. You can get a copy Sunday.

We are working with the Chinese UMC now on helping us on the east side with a large population of Mandarin and Cantonese elderly women - translation of StreetSheets, resourcing on immigration issues, etc.

Planning is beginning with Trustees for an upgrade of our kitchen facilities on the west side. Hopefully, this will happen in 2009.

Numbers of neighbors coming for food steadily increases.